Argus-a Vol. IX Edición N° 36 / Junio 2020 / ISSN 1853-9904 / Index: MLA y Latindex / Bs. As.- Argentina

Edición Actual | Current Issue

Editorial Norms 2020
Argus-a Artes y Humanidades / Arts and Humanities
Vol. IX Edición Nº 36

Editorial Norms 2020

Argus-a publishes only unpublished academic papers which are preferably based on interdisciplinary approaches related to feminism, subaltern studies, queer theory, cultural studies, postcolonial studies and popular culture.  Argus-a does not accept creative writing: fiction, poetry, drama or literary essay.   Extension:  Printed books and digital books  should not exceed 350 pages.  Essays, Lectures and Panels up to 40 pages.  Reports, Articles and News up to 15 pages. Reviews hasta 15 páginas o en videos alojados en YouTube.   Complete Editorial Guidelines in PDF       ...

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